Purple snow is a creative expression of my photography and digital art featuring abstract, surreal, or emotive concepts. A right brained outlet that compliments the left-brain side of life. Art is a state of mind that involves color, line, form, theme, creativity, and/or philosophy. The term purple snow was derived while riding (snowboarding) at Mammoth Mountain years ago.

Myself: Born in London England, traveled abroad, and currently located in San Diego, California. While a traditional education is utilized in a creative and technical career, the invaluable experiences, friendships, and my daughter, teach much more. My travels through this journey called life, have taken me down many paths as I pursue mindfulness.

The city: In the sea of humanity, things are very different. The sound of people has its very own unique life. In groups, we are like a river of sensations, colors flash, passing conversations; you can sense the history of another life and never touch their souls.

The world: Look at things from a different perspective; I feel it really helps to feed the creative force if one can focus on life around us. Outdoors, I can feel the world around me and I understand life better. Being on a mountain and you hear and feel the wind rush through the trees, you can really tell that we are more a part of nature than most believe.

Inspiration can come from anything and everything

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